Pool Floc

Product Code: HCFLO1001
Chemical: Aluminium Sulphate
Ingredient: Al2O3: 15.8%/17%min
Appearance: Powder/ granule /tablet
, Clarifies cloudy pool water economically
, Settles suspended particles for easy vacuuming
, Restores water sparkle
, Suitable for using in chlorine and bromine pools
, 0.5kg(or 1lb),1kg(or 2lb),2kg(or 5lb),3kg,4kg(or 10lb),8kg and 10kg of Stand Up bags, Pillow Bags, Gusseted Bags and etc.
, 0.5kg (or 1lb),1kg (or 2lb),2kg (or 5lb),3kg,4kg (or 10lb),8kg and 10kg of Pails, Jars, Jugs,Pots,Tubes,Drums and etc.
, 25kg or 50lb bags

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